Liam Hemsworth For ‘Independence Day 2’ ?

Brother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), ex of Miley Cyrus and a Hollywood movie star himself, Liam Hemsworth, has been offered a leading role in the first sequel to the incredible smash hit classic Independence Day. With the first movie’s leading star, Will Smith, confirmed out of the picture, blockbuster movie maestro Roland Emmerich and his longtime movie collaborator and friend Dean Devlin are looking to fill the shoes of Big Willy, and have sent forward an invite to The Hunger Games star to take on the lading man role in the hugely anticipated sequel.

While now we know that Roland is returning as director and the original’s movies stars Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are confirmed as returning to fight the next alien threat against humanity, news on anything else is quite scarce, so it’s exciting to see this new story emerge, it makes the future of Independence Day 2 that much more solid. Director Roland Emmerich has been recently uploading photos to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, alongside Dean Devlin, of scouting trips for locations to film the blockbuster. It’s all really exciting news for the fans of the original, including myself.

Independence Day 2 is set for a June 2016 release, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Independence Day’s first arrival back in 1996, when it grossed well over 800 million dollars, making it one of the most successful movies in Box Office history of it’s time. It still is high up there.


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