‘Jurassic World’ – Latest News and Catch-Up

This summer will see the long awaited return of our old prehistoric dinosaur pals in the first Jurassic Park movie in 14 years, titled Jurassic World, released once again by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. The movie will feature the classic dinosaurs, such as T-Rex and Velociraptor, and a new addition to the iconic blockbuster movie series – the Indominus Rex, a hybrid of various dinosaur and other reptile DNA types, which promises to be larger and more ferocious than it’s onscreen rivals. Featuring a now fully-functional dinosaur theme park, carrying the new brand name “Jurassic World”, the adventure begins when a whole new team attempting to play God see their now 10 year-old venture (And 22 years since the fall of the original park) go to ruins as they attempt to reignite dying interest in visitors by creating the brand new species, Indominus Rex, which, in classic Jurassic Park style, then breaks loose and decides it’s time to even the odds and chomp down on it’s creators and captors. Just like our old pal Rex… Who’s been given a bit of a makeover for Jurassic World…


It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since we’ve had a new Jurassic Park movie. But yes, 14 years since Jurassic Park III came into our lives, dividing fans of the previous movies, some loving it, some not quite so loving it. I firmly belong in the first category, I’m a fan, I find it extremely underrated and think it fits perfectly into the JP trilogy, although running time is always slightly disappointing. Seeing Sam Neill and Laura Dern back has always delighted me. And its new additions, the brilliant Tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola and William H. Macy, added a lot of fun to it. Sadly, with Jurassic World, we’ll see one original cast member returning, B.D. Wong, who had a fairly small appearance in the first movie as Dr. Wu, a genetic scientist behind the breeding of the dinosaurs for Jurassic Park. We’ll see no sign of Sam, Laura or Jeff Goldblum, and also missing out on the rest of the cast from The Lost World and Jurassic Park III. And we’ll all miss Sir. Richard Attenborough, such a wonderful man and movie genius, may he rest in peace, he’ll certainly never be forgotten. As a fan of the movies for so long, I think pushing aside the original cast in favour of a 99% new cast is an absolute mistake, had I been making Jurassic World, I at least would have made room for extended cameos for our favourites, it doesn’t really feel so much like a Jurassic Park movie without Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm.. But new director Colin Trevorrow and the writers opted not to have any of the classic characters, with the exception of Wu for story reasons, which is a shame. I personally would’ve loved a cast mash-up of the trilogy. However, the new cast are top notch, including Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio, so hopefully they’ll rise to the challenge. And of course fingers crossed for Trevorrow filling the shoes of Steven Spielberg and Joe Johnston. Hardly an easy task. Although Spielberg still serving as a producer will help the movie greatly.




Putting aside my disappointment at the exclusion of the popular JP characters and my never having heard of it’s director, I’ve hung on to every piece of news, every piece of publicity and every word from every fan of the series, with near-psychotic attention. But for all the photos from the stills, the cast shots and rumours on what we would see, last October and November we were hit with the first poster and trailer, and also a teaser for that trailer days before, and by golly where they awesome! The poster is stunning, and the tagline “The Park Is Open” is so simple and yet gives so much excitement to the poster. And months later, I’m still addicted to the trailer, it’s really spectacular, the movie looks absolutely glorious, and the dinosaur shots are incredible, I love it so much. Naturally my fingers are crossed, I’m hoping that the movie lives up to my expectations, which have gone through the roof and beyond thanks to that trailer, but we’ll have to wait until summertime before we see the finished product. Many times…


As by now, we probably know that the new creature, Indominus Rex with a well-guarded secret, there has been some teasing and prodding from Universal Pictures and the movie’s publicity team. While we are being told this new creature will be far more threatening than any other dinosaur on screen, we’re still waiting for a proper look. But we do have a new banner, which cleverly swaps out the classic T-Rex skull inside the Jurassic Park logo, for what must be the skull of the Indominus, which were added to the movie’s official website. Take a look…


Then we have this silhouette, which gives a far greater look…


And then lastly, there’s this very scary shot…


It’s all very exciting… But there’s more…

Not only are we getting Jurassic World the movie, but we’re also getting Jurassic World TOYS! From LEGO! The new toys will be Lego play sets based on various elements of the movie, including obviously the dinosaurs. A set of 6 are said to be looking at a May 2015 release, mere weeks before the movie. Here are some shots of what to expect…




I’m so excited for those toys. But even more amazing news was confirmed only yesterday… We’re getting a Jurassic World Lego VIDEO GAME! And not only will the new game have a full Jurassic World adventure, but it will include games for all 4 movies! We will get to play all 4 movies in Lego, across all gaming systems including PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Xbox One. A while back there was some news that Jurassic World was also being given a new arcade game, a classic first person -shoot-em-up game. And while I still look forward to that, I feared there would be no released game for consoles, so news of the new Lego video game excites me almost as much as the new movie, if not more, as we’ll play all of our favourite characters through the series. I am such a happy bunny!


It’s going to be a wonderful year for Jurassic Park fans. Bring on Summer 2015!



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