‘Ted 2’ First Official Trailer And Poster

Seth MacFarlane is back this summer with the beloved teddy bear we all know as… Ted.

Following on from his last hilarious outing, Ted has now married his girlfriend Tami-Lynn. Both Ted and Tami-Lynn want to start a family, but in order for Ted to become a recognized father to a child Tami-Lynn will have by donor, he must set out to have himself recognized as a living human being, which has him take on yet another crazy adventure with his best buddy John (Mark Wahlberg). Expect drugs, violence, creepy individuals and sex jokes aplenty, with lots of fun and heart to match.

Here is the first official trailer for ‘Ted 2’, directed by Seth MacFarlane, who stars alongside Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried, with appearances from Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson. Mila Kunis sadly appears to be M.I.A. this time around.

And here is the first official poster…


Here’s hoping it’s as brilliant as the first smash-hit movie. Judging by that trailer, it will be. Ted 2 will hit cinemas this June.


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