‘Jurassic World’ And More Super Bowl 2015 Movie Spots

The American Super Bowl constantly stands as one of the great annual advertising events on global television, with many millions of dollars being spent by companies to push the latest products, music and movies, with countless superstars also taking place in the proceedings. This year, maybe a dozen of this year’s upcoming movies have been given the Super Bowl treatment, as studios are out in force to show off the latest would-be box office hits. And there are a few standout choices for me, with Jurassic World towering above all with it’s sparkling new trailer, filled with action, new glimpses of state of the art CGI visual effects and a much greater look at the new addition, Indominus Rex. Words cannot mirror my excitement. Also previewed was the brand new Terminator thriller – Terminator – Genisys – The 30-second spot is stunning and gives us a massive dose of Arnie Schwarzenegger action. The plot may be a mistake, the casting could be way off, but one thing’s for sure, we’re in for some crazy fun action. Awesome to have Arnie back as the Terminator. Fast And Furious 7 (Or Furious 7 as it’s now known) also featured with a spectacular new drool-worthy trailer, that last shot is just the greatest. Ted gets a hilarious 30-second spot with Tom Brady, you must watch. And Spongebob Squarepants showed up to the Bowl with a new glimpse at his latest adventure, Sponge Out Of Water, and it looks wonderful, I can’t wait to see it, who doesn’t love Spongebob? The Avengers are also here with a stunning 30-second promo, as are the beloved Minions with their latest hysterical trailer. Anyway, take a peak at a selection of the spots, there are quite a few, so I chose my personal favourites, Starting with the obvious…

Jurassic World

Furious 7

Terminator : Genisys

Ted 2

A Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Sponge Out Of Water

Avengers : Age Of Ultron



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