10 Hilarious Movies You Must See!

There are many of these lists doing the rounds online, but a lot of the choices tend to be the generic classics, the “Go-to comedies!”, but I want to go for something different here, skip past those obvious comic greats and put forward ten movies that have never failed to keep me in stitches, the movies that I hold up just as high as what other people consider to be the big classics, ten movies that I always love to re-watch over and over. Ranging from Tom Green being an absolute psychopath who terrorizes his family and everyone around him, to Adam Sandler being an absolute idiot forced to go back to school, to my favourite movie star Jim Carrey giving his absolute scariest performance and one of his very funniest and best as a TV-obsessed stalker looking for a best friend, and finally to Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin as the ultimate frenemy duo in what is, in my opinion, the greatest action comedy ever made, here are ten of my all-time favourite funny movies that everyone must see…

Freddy Got Fingered

Super Troopers

Rat Race

Blue Streak

Billy Madison

The Master Of Disguise

Observe And Report

Major Payne

The Cable Guy

Midnight Run


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